Thursday, April 26, 2007

I watched PBS!!

Yes, this does qualify as blogworthy news. I haven't watched 90 consecutive minutes of PBS since my childhood. I am aware that this is sad. Of course, back then I only had 4 channels to choose from. Yes, I mostly enjoy the immature toilet humor, sports and crime shows, but sometimes I try to be intellekchoouhl.

Last night I committed 1 1/2 hours of my life to viewing Bill Moyers Journal. For those who didn't watch it, I highly recommend it. "Buying the War" asks: How did the evidence disputing the existence of weapons of mass destruction and the link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11 go largely unreported?

"Four years after 'shock and awe,' the press has yet to come to terms with its role in enabling the Bush administration to go to war on false pretenses," says Moyers in the documentary.
And he concludes: "The American number of troops killed in Iraq now exceeds the number of victims on 9/11. We have been fighting there longer than it took us to defeat the Nazis in World War II. The costs of the war are reckoned at one trillion dollars and counting."

It was very interesting and at times so upsetting that it made my tummy hurt. (Please do keep in mind that at one point I was shopping for new ring tones - I suspected that I was the only person on Earth who was simultaneously watching Bill Moyers Journal AND listening to the Verizon Wireless version of Air Supply's "All Out of Love".)

The show's regular time slot will be Friday evenings (Jon Stewart is the guest 4/27). I am not really good at describing things, so much like my review of the 2005 movie 'Roll Bounce'...just watch it!


Naps: "Can I get a size 9 please? Now, ahora"
Bernard: "Hey, calm down 'fro magnum!"

-Roll Bounce, at the skate counter

PS: Is it possible this is the only blog entry on earth mentioning both Bill Moyers and a 1970s-esque roller-skate jam/competition coming-of-age comedy? Probably not.

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Pali said...

This blog entry is exactly why you are one of my favorite people ever! Air Supply and PBS....who wouldn't be proud!?