Thursday, June 28, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard, M'er F'er!

Nearly 20 years ago, during my teen employment at a movie theatre, I was able to see every movie in town for free. I sometimes deviated from my usual genres of immature toilet humor & art-house avant garde. I encountered an action film that made me laugh, caused me to sit on the edge of my seat and had my heart pounding even as the credits finished rolling. This movie was called 'Die Hard'. Most people have seen this movie at least once, it was kind of a blockbuster (another genre I rarely spend time or money on - now that I have to pay.) Sure, there was a sequel, Die Hard 2: Electric Boogaloo and I saw it, once and thought 'eh'. There was a third Die-Hardy movie that I never bothered with and heard that was a wise move.

I recently started seeing ads for the 4th in the series: Live Free or Die Hard. I won't get in-depth with the plot details, but I will recommend it for some exciting, amusingly-violent, escapist summer fun!

Bruce Willis has kept himself in shape, many years have gone by and his character is no spring chicken. He still kicks butt, there are great fight scenes, car crashes and some lively characters that keep the viewer interested between explosions:

the "hot, leggy, Asian chick" who kicks some serious a** & gets a serious a** kicking
Lucy McClane's introduction - sassy & so like dad (and in need of her own Die-Hard movie!)
yet another FBI Agent Johnson who goes the way of previous Agents Johnson
the deliciously evil, maniacal villian, played by Timothy Olyphant (swoon!)
the wonderfully geeky, brainiac Warlock played by Kevin Smith

So wrapping up my movie review: Go see it!
Next up, Sicko. I suspect I'll be less jovial after this one.
"You just killed a helicopter with a car" - Matthew Farrell
"I was outta bullets." - John McClane

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Dogs. Pooches. Canines. Pups. I love mine and I tend to love a lot of other people's - even if they bark early in the morning (the dogs) or leave poop behind (the humans, not the dogs, well the poop IS the dog's, follow me). I went for a long walk last night along the ocean. While getting much-needed exercise and views of a fabulous sunset, I also was able to enjoy the wide variety of dogs who were lucky enough to be at the beach. Here are a few examples:

a good little corgi, diligently following it's person's steps

two portly bulldogs meeting each other, one sitting up high on his owner's property relentless barking at the one on the boardwalk, looking up at the barker like he's nuts (approximately 10 passersby stopped to laugh, including me)

the great dane and the pug that co-exist on their ocean-front deck (pug is usually vertical, great dane is usually horizontal)

various little dogs in baskets on their people's cruising bikes

the loud-barking pitbull on his second story balcony as the white fluffy poodle trots by

one lab on a device affixed to the back of its owner's bike (kind of like a sidecar) sticking his head out to get the full effect of the wind - while wearing sunglasses

All of these glorious pooches came from somewhere. They all live in various socio-economic situations. If you contemplate adding one to your household, please rescue!! Here is a link to one of the best places for rescued animals, for some happy reads, link here.


"Happy SPCA Adopt-a-Cat Month, you jerk!" - Tess, my cat, to me

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Living in San Diego has altered this former Midwesterner's perspective on a lot of things: the near-constant pleasant weather (high-60s/low-70s & partly/mostly sunny), the lack of needing an ice scraper in the car, and the $4.50 it costs for a gallon of milk (hey, I like me some cereal). I know school is out, it's June and people are taking vacations, but it was soonafter a friend invited me to the beach to-actually-go-to-the-beach that I is summer!

I go to the beach often: to exercise, to get my favorite burrito, to purchase San Diego-imprinted gifts for people living elsewhere, but rarely do I actually GO to the beach in the sense that most people think of: packing a bag, laying down a towel and parking it. This is mostly influenced by the fair state of my skin, I learned a long time ago not to fight my pale exterior, but instead embrace it and cover it with SPF.

For me, summer is represented by going to baseball games, watching baseball games on TV about baseball? This weekend is the first official weekend of summer - being on the West coast and the Cubs playing Noon games should allow me time to get my MLB fix early and plenty of time to enjoy the sun, the beach and the fun - all while covered in SPF & a hat.


"TIMMAY!!!" - Timmy, South Park

Friday, June 15, 2007

100,000 miles!!!!!!!

This morning on my drive to work, my car's odometer hit a milestone: 100,000 miles. (Yes, I stopped to take the picture)
Oh sure, today is just like any other day, but for my Honda Civic EX coupe - it's monumental! This event got me a little nostalgic regarding my red, 2-door vehicle. I think of all the fun road trips I've taken in her (I pick the female gender since she's sassy red), the friends and loved ones who have shoved their various long limbs in the back seat and suitcases/bodies transported in the trunk.

Here are some fun facts about my car:

She's paid off! And has been since 2002.
She's never been in a crash (only damaged due to stupid Midwestern hail, poor baby)
She's hooked up for Sirius satellite radio

She was once stuck in a snow my driveway
Her driver sometimes runs over hazards/hits potholes too fast so she gets raised up at Sears and her tires changed fairly often
Up until a few months ago, she never required more than $20 to fill her tank. Now, it takes about $32.

Historically, I am not a cheater, but sometimes I do have a roving eye. The only other vehicles that entice me with their good looks and groovy shape are the Mini Cooper and the Audi TT. {sigh} Even when I win the lottery, I think I'll keep my sassy red girl. Thank you Japanese engineering!!
Well behaved women seldom make history — Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Puppy alert!

My friend Bonnie is a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence - a non profit organization that enhances the lives of children & adults living with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs. She flew in from Arizona to pick up her fourth puppy (the first two did not make it through the additional training and now live happy lives as full-time pets, the third dog is currently still in "college" and may become an assistance dog in the next few months!).

This 8 week-old girl is named Payton. Isn't she a cutie?

I am rarely around puppies so spending time with her was a treat. All nine of her siblings are in puppy-raiser homes for the next 14-18 months, then move back to the facility for intense training to become an assistance dog for a person in need. Payton and Bonnie visited my home before their flight. Toby was not particularly thrilled to have a puppy nipping at and running into him with her uncoordinated enthusiasm - I found it hilarious. Toby fell asleep soon after she left. Oh, puppies.