Thursday, June 28, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard, M'er F'er!

Nearly 20 years ago, during my teen employment at a movie theatre, I was able to see every movie in town for free. I sometimes deviated from my usual genres of immature toilet humor & art-house avant garde. I encountered an action film that made me laugh, caused me to sit on the edge of my seat and had my heart pounding even as the credits finished rolling. This movie was called 'Die Hard'. Most people have seen this movie at least once, it was kind of a blockbuster (another genre I rarely spend time or money on - now that I have to pay.) Sure, there was a sequel, Die Hard 2: Electric Boogaloo and I saw it, once and thought 'eh'. There was a third Die-Hardy movie that I never bothered with and heard that was a wise move.

I recently started seeing ads for the 4th in the series: Live Free or Die Hard. I won't get in-depth with the plot details, but I will recommend it for some exciting, amusingly-violent, escapist summer fun!

Bruce Willis has kept himself in shape, many years have gone by and his character is no spring chicken. He still kicks butt, there are great fight scenes, car crashes and some lively characters that keep the viewer interested between explosions:

the "hot, leggy, Asian chick" who kicks some serious a** & gets a serious a** kicking
Lucy McClane's introduction - sassy & so like dad (and in need of her own Die-Hard movie!)
yet another FBI Agent Johnson who goes the way of previous Agents Johnson
the deliciously evil, maniacal villian, played by Timothy Olyphant (swoon!)
the wonderfully geeky, brainiac Warlock played by Kevin Smith

So wrapping up my movie review: Go see it!
Next up, Sicko. I suspect I'll be less jovial after this one.
"You just killed a helicopter with a car" - Matthew Farrell
"I was outta bullets." - John McClane

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