Friday, June 15, 2007

100,000 miles!!!!!!!

This morning on my drive to work, my car's odometer hit a milestone: 100,000 miles. (Yes, I stopped to take the picture)
Oh sure, today is just like any other day, but for my Honda Civic EX coupe - it's monumental! This event got me a little nostalgic regarding my red, 2-door vehicle. I think of all the fun road trips I've taken in her (I pick the female gender since she's sassy red), the friends and loved ones who have shoved their various long limbs in the back seat and suitcases/bodies transported in the trunk.

Here are some fun facts about my car:

She's paid off! And has been since 2002.
She's never been in a crash (only damaged due to stupid Midwestern hail, poor baby)
She's hooked up for Sirius satellite radio

She was once stuck in a snow my driveway
Her driver sometimes runs over hazards/hits potholes too fast so she gets raised up at Sears and her tires changed fairly often
Up until a few months ago, she never required more than $20 to fill her tank. Now, it takes about $32.

Historically, I am not a cheater, but sometimes I do have a roving eye. The only other vehicles that entice me with their good looks and groovy shape are the Mini Cooper and the Audi TT. {sigh} Even when I win the lottery, I think I'll keep my sassy red girl. Thank you Japanese engineering!!
Well behaved women seldom make history — Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


Pali said...

Congratulations Sassy Girl! We should take her out for a celebratory spin!

heidi said...

I also have a picture of a car hitting 100,000 miles. It was my first car. I also baked a cake to celebrate. Glad I'm not the only one to commemorate such things!

Dawn said...

Loved that post!