Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Dogs. Pooches. Canines. Pups. I love mine and I tend to love a lot of other people's - even if they bark early in the morning (the dogs) or leave poop behind (the humans, not the dogs, well the poop IS the dog's, but...you follow me). I went for a long walk last night along the ocean. While getting much-needed exercise and views of a fabulous sunset, I also was able to enjoy the wide variety of dogs who were lucky enough to be at the beach. Here are a few examples:

a good little corgi, diligently following it's person's steps

two portly bulldogs meeting each other, one sitting up high on his owner's property relentless barking at the one on the boardwalk, looking up at the barker like he's nuts (approximately 10 passersby stopped to laugh, including me)

the great dane and the pug that co-exist on their ocean-front deck (pug is usually vertical, great dane is usually horizontal)

various little dogs in baskets on their people's cruising bikes

the loud-barking pitbull on his second story balcony as the white fluffy poodle trots by

one lab on a device affixed to the back of its owner's bike (kind of like a sidecar) sticking his head out to get the full effect of the wind - while wearing sunglasses

All of these glorious pooches came from somewhere. They all live in various socio-economic situations. If you contemplate adding one to your household, please rescue!! Here is a link to one of the best places for rescued animals, for some happy reads, link here.


"Happy SPCA Adopt-a-Cat Month, you jerk!" - Tess, my cat, to me


Pali said...

I expect you to bring a camera next time you go! I must see some of this..particularly the dog in the side car! Perhaps this is a side photo blog for you...dogs on the boardwalk!

About Melissa said...

I have a dream. It involves me having a big dog and working from home and jogging and taking my big dog with me and teaching my big dog tricks. I want to join the doggie boardwalk club. Someday, someday...