Thursday, June 21, 2007


Living in San Diego has altered this former Midwesterner's perspective on a lot of things: the near-constant pleasant weather (high-60s/low-70s & partly/mostly sunny), the lack of needing an ice scraper in the car, and the $4.50 it costs for a gallon of milk (hey, I like me some cereal). I know school is out, it's June and people are taking vacations, but it was soonafter a friend invited me to the beach to-actually-go-to-the-beach that I is summer!

I go to the beach often: to exercise, to get my favorite burrito, to purchase San Diego-imprinted gifts for people living elsewhere, but rarely do I actually GO to the beach in the sense that most people think of: packing a bag, laying down a towel and parking it. This is mostly influenced by the fair state of my skin, I learned a long time ago not to fight my pale exterior, but instead embrace it and cover it with SPF.

For me, summer is represented by going to baseball games, watching baseball games on TV about baseball? This weekend is the first official weekend of summer - being on the West coast and the Cubs playing Noon games should allow me time to get my MLB fix early and plenty of time to enjoy the sun, the beach and the fun - all while covered in SPF & a hat.


"TIMMAY!!!" - Timmy, South Park

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Sarah said...

We miss you here in Iowa... you should miss us and the humidity... I'm sure you do (yeah right) ;-)

Glad to hear all is well Paula!