Friday, February 15, 2008

Fire Station Birthday Party!!

On a recent, warm Sunday afternoon I attended the birthday party of a very clever girl: at a charity auction she was the high bidder for the following prize: a birthday party at a fire station. Apparently this endeavor is usually geared toward children. Hey - what about the 3-digit-weighted 'kids' with investment portfolios and rent to worry about? Why can't we have some good, silly fun too?

Well, fun we did have: delicious adult-palate-friendly catered items such as bruschetta, shrimp cocktail and scrumptious desserts. Then the fire station fun started: several of us got to gear up and wear the big, firefighter boots, the big, firefighter pants and the big, firefighter coats. The professionals have mere seconds to get all of this on, it took me about 4 minutes (I had a lot of suspender issues). We posed for fun photos, sprayed various size hoses, witnessed The Jaws of Life and even went for an engine ride with sirens whirring! Hey, why don't more fire stations offer this as a fundraiser? Chicks dig it.
Granted, the professionals were ready to leave at any moment should a call come in, but fortunately that was not necessary. Many of those in attendance enjoyed fulfilling some long-awaited dreams of checking out a fire station with actual firefighters. And a memorable birthday party was had by all!

"Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department"
Headline from The Onion

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