Friday, September 12, 2008

A Day I Have Been Waiting For!!!

Some girls await the day they get that shiny new sports car with a big bow on top, many girls eagerly anticipate the day they get married, while other girls look forward to their parole date. A day I have been waiting for finally arrived: I GOT MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH THE SAN DIEGO FRIAR MASCOT!!!

True, this specific brother may not have been called to a life of poverty (the Stone IPA I was about to purchase when I spotted him cost 9 bones) but he was called to community service: entertaining me! (And probably some kids who were in the nearby play area, but I wasn't paying any attention to them.)

My love of mascots has a long history: sure there was the rather weak Fredbird in St. Louis, the much more impressive Mr. Met in New York, and the Milwaukee Sausage Race Crew but this tonsured dude was a long-awaited goal. Goal reached!!

But wait, there is still another mascot with which I dream to be photographed: The Philly Phanatic.

Thank goodness the Cubs are so fun they don't need a cartoonish mascot to create enthusiasm for the team -- unless you count Ron Santo.
Hooray for baseball!! (And my pal Melany for having a camera with her)


Melissa said...

Next year (or maybe the year after) I want a Paula and Baseball Mascots Calendar!

ali said...

It's nice to achieve your goals!I failed in childhood mascot mission - the SD Chicken. Sigh.

Janessa said...

Congrats! I try and always carry my camera...never know when you might be able to check stuff off that "Gotta Do" list!

The Young Family said...

Love the goals!!