Monday, October 6, 2008

Well, That Sucked or Check Dodger Stadium Off the List! or My First Post-Season Game! or My New Cubs-Loving Pals!

Hmmm, please feel free to choose your preferred title for this blog entry regarding my trip to see Game 3 of the NLDS Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Dodgers. It may be best to separate it into parts.

Well, That Sucked
Um, The Chicago Cubs' post-season. 'Nuff said.

Check Dodger Stadium Off the List!
Usually, I am thrilled to report the activities and fun I experience at new stadiums, and will try to focus on the positive (meaning, I'll leave out the multiple verbal assaults from Dodgers "fans"/hoodlums/sore winners and the fact that the seats were not filled until the 3rd inning - not kidding on this one folks - it isn't an urban legend!)

I got there pretty early and enjoyed some food, the pre-game stuff and the introduction of each team. I didn't end up walking around as much as I usually do, I had an awesome seat/view and just enjoyed it. I sat next to an old-timer season ticket holder who was a kind, polite baseball fan - such a relief. I purchased my ticket for face value before the Cubs clinched their division, so on the plus side I didn't pay $150-200+ like some people did. Celebrities spotted: Tommy Lasorda, Vince Vaughn, Jim Belushi, fugly Steve Perry, but no Alyssa Milano.

My First Post-Season Game!

In my history of being a baseball fan I have never been able to see in-person a post-season game, so in that sense, the game was very exciting. I just wish the 97-game winning Cubs had shown up to play it!!

My New Cubs-Loving Pals!
Ever heard of It is a way to meet people online, then in person, in your city, who have similar interests: for example "Cubs Fans in San Diego" or "Nerdlinger Pomeranian People". Well, I got in touch with several Cubs fans from this site and 5 of us ended up carpooling from SD to LA. We enjoyed talking about baseball and the Cubs, saving money on transportation and then consoling each other on the

We got into LA several hours early and met up with more Meet Up people in a dark dive bar within walking distance to the stadium, The Short Stop. I happily report on the delicious Guinness ($4/ LA!!) Many of the Dodgers fans there were normal, well-behaved baseball fans - and at one point the place was half full of Cubs fans! We made even more friends and enjoyed the pre-game revelry full of hope. After the game though - since the car was parked nearby - our group did not dare enter as we all agreed we enjoy having our aortas intact.

All in all, it was a great experience, just with a crappy, crappy box score. CRAPPY, I tell you!!!

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