Thursday, February 15, 2007

What is that sound?

It is the sound of footsteps!

Probably not cleats. It could be sneakers or sandals. Maybe a nice pair of Berluti's or John Lobb's? Regardless of the footwear selections, it is the sound of pitchers and catchers reporting for the 2007 MLB Spring Training!!!

I am planning my travels to Arizona for some Cactus League action. In a few weeks I will be sitting in a small ballpark, drinking a nice brew, eating a hot dog and watching (hopefully) starting players who are so close I can see them conversing about which hot brods in the stands they would pull a
"You're with me, leather".

Hooray for Baseball!!
"Uh, kid, uh, don't tell anyone we are back here, please??"

- Mel Hall/Lee Smith (Chicago Cubs) circa 1983/1984 at Sec Taylor Stadium in Des Moines, Iowa. I was a kid and wandered behind a divider at an open, free autograph signing event. They were wearing two of the largest pinstriped suits I had ever seen and even though I was young, I totally knew their beverages were liquor and weren't supposed to be. I didn't tell anyone, but I did get both of their baseball cards autographed that day - fo sho!

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Dating Trooper said...

That is the best pick-up line EVER! I will try it next time I see a guy draped in leather in my neighborhood!