Friday, May 25, 2007

Go Cubs! Go Padres! Go Mascots!

Last night: the Cubs beat the Padres in some ninth-inning excitement. The Padres pitcher, Chris Young did an excellent job retiring the first 12 batters, striking out 10...oh, who cares?!?!?! I got my picture taken with the two Petco mascots!!! It was glorious!!

My friend and I were hanging out (okay, eating brats and drinking beer) near the very large "family area" of Petco Park: open lawn-seating area with a kids-size baseball park where they can run the bases...oh who cares?!?! I got my picture taken with the two Petco mascots!! The kitty is blue & sassy and the doggie is red & sassy. I am a bit disappointed in myself that I didn't think of this earlier: the mascots hang out where the highest concentration of kids are. Voila!

I suspect The Friar was attending to the upgraded, fancy areas, hobnobbing with the corporate fat-cats who pay premium for their baseball entertainment. Or, he was just getting his tonsure tidied up. Either way, he's still very high on my list. The list of mascots with whom I need to get my picture taken. Oh yeah, goals.

Joe Reardon: "He walked 18. "
Larry: "New league record! "
Joe Reardon: "Struck out 18."
Larry: "Another new league record! In addition he hit the sportswriter, the public address announcer, the bull mascot twice..."
- Bull Durham

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bailey said...

so bummed I missed out!! looking forward to planning another in-person game,--especially if you can't get them at home,--the INJUSTICE!