Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Heidi!

My pal Heidi is turning 30. This is/was a milestone birthday for us all but it is especially monumental for her. She recently made her first cross-country move, which has brought a lot of changes, challenges and new experiences - like not having to pump her own gas! She's a smart, sassy, strong chick who has got it goin' on. Wish her well as she enters a new era...the 30s.

Please send her birthday greetings - even if you do not know her - by posting a comment here. She will enjoy the surprise and won't you take pleasure in brightening someone's day? DO IT.

You do not want to make The Gingers angry.


Kyle: We... came to learn the facts about people with red hair, light skin and freckles.

Ginger Kids’ Father: [nervously] Ohhh, gingers, yes. Our cute little red-haired rascals.

Stan: I'm sorry, but I don't understand. You both have dark hair and brown eyes.

Father: Yes, we've learned that the ginger gene is recessive in both our families' DNA. Actually, the odds of us having a red-haired freckled child were only one in four. And still it happened. Three times. What are the odds? [breaks down and sobs into his hands]

Ginger Kids’ Mother: A lot of people carry the ginger gene and don't know. [her husband stops sobbing and raises his head] If your spouse is also a carrier, then your children can turn out like... them.
[they both look at the kids, who smile and grin]

Father: Each one of them's a blessing.

Mother: Oh yes, each one of them's a blessing.

Father: Huh Blesse-blessing full of love

Three Ginger Kids: [grinning] Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Kyle: But it's... it's not true they... have no souls. [somber music plays]

Father: No... no, I'm sure they do.


Pali said...

Any friend of Paula's - even a Ginger - is a friend of mine...Happy 30th Heidi! -- Pali (I believe I carry the recessive Ginger gene...scary!)

About Melissa said...

I am also a recessive Ginger and a big fan of women who venture cross-country to start their lives anew. Good luck in all your adventures!

Katy said...

Red Power! Red Power! You go Heidi!!!!

bailey said...

Happy 30th birthday Heidi! I've moved cross country several times and it only gets better! Congratulations!!

heidi said...

I love surprise birthday shout outs! Thanks!

The Young Family said...

Happy Birthday to you ~ Heidi.

Sorry if I missed your actual day ~ but hey Happy Birthday is always nice to hear!

ann said...

Happy Birthday REALLY late Heidi! For your birthday I give you a set of Paula's keys. :)