Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Milhouse has left Duff Stadium...

To quote 80's teen popstar and mall-touring chanteuse, Tiffany, my post-season baseball viewing "...could've been so beautiful, could've been so right..." but now that dream is over. The hope to drive six hours with my fluffy pooch on my lap heading toward a lifelong goal with a fun pal, eating overpriced trans-fatty foods and delicious micro-brewed beer, well, that could still in theory happen, but not while viewing baseball live and in person at Chase Field in Arizona. True to my Cubs fan status - there is always next year.

Life is short. I can't sit around whining about how things didn't go my way. I must buck up, put on my jammy pants and watch other teams play post-season baseball - on television.

I am hoping for a Cleveland v. Colorado World Series now. The Rockies have the finely-tushed Tulowitzki and the Indians provide the fetching Grady Sizemore, who allows my eyes-more handsomeness than your typical Major Leaguer. I like to think I make the best of what life brings, but I'll always have my memories of the laser-printed, bar-coded post-season tickets I clutched in my happy hands that now must go into the emotionless recycling bin, but "...I'll never hold what could've been, on a cold and lonely night".

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