Thursday, October 11, 2007

Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!!!

Hooray! I have a renter for my IC condo (after nearly 3 months of paying mortgage for...empty space and not much else) which allows me to re-activate my entertainment spending!! The timing of this could not be better: there are NLCS tickets still for sale in nearby Arizona! My love for travel and spontaneous adventures (8 days in advance can be considered spontaneous, yeah?) kicked right in when I put two and two together: entertainment spending + post-season baseball tickets available = FUN!!!

My pal Bonnie and I attended 3 Spring Training games earlier this year and now we will end the season with more baseball in the land of cactus and crazy gila monsters! I am going to see post-season baseball live and in person for the very first time!!!*

[*if game 6 of the NLCS is necessary] Hooray for me!! {and props to Katy}

19 OCT 2007 at 05:30pm

Price Type Qty Price Fee Cost
------------------------------ --- -------- --------- ----------
ADULT WEB 2 $$.00 $.00 $$$.00

Level Section Row Seat(s)
----- ------- ----- ----------
1 106 39 11-12

Oh yeah, the teams playing are the San Diego Padres-beating Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs(sob)-beating Arizona Diamondbacks!!

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