Sunday, March 11, 2007

3/10 Colorado Rockies v. San Diego Padres

Hooray for baseball!!

The Padres beat the Rockies 11-3, of course they had most of their "pro" squad and the Rockies? Perhaps not so much.

Location: Peoria Sports Complex
Temperature: 85 degrees
Food and beer consumed: "Loaded" bratwurst, garlic fries and Black Butte Porter
Amusing sight: Vendors walking the stands selling chocolate-covered strawberries

Padres players to watch:
Terrmell Sledge - SD fans already know this - but he hit a homerun with his bat and with his kick-ass name.
Paul McAnulty. Why? Well, he's short, stocky and wears the high knee sox. A guy behind me referred to him as fat, but that seems a bit harsh. I also got a good read on "The Bard".

Rockies player to watch:
Geronimo Gil (pronounced "Heronimo Heeel") he batted .192 in 2006, swings like a pitcher and provided the fans in Peoria many, many souvenir foul balls. He's a giver and shouldn't that be rewarded?

Notes: There was a large bachelor party from San Diego seated near us briefly. The groom-to-be had an inside source with the Padres organization and was able to throw out the ceremonial first pitch and get his name on the mini-jumbo-tron. (Uh, totally awesome!) His friends suggested that I meet a guy in their group who loves baseball, has a trust fund and drives a Hummer. Two out of three ain't bad?


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