Monday, March 19, 2007

3/12 - Chicago Cubs v. San Francisco Giants

Yes, posting this one late. Believe me, I wish I could have posted it sooner.

Location: Scottsdale Stadium
Seat Location: Along 3rd base line, near left field (important for amusing sights #1 & 2)
Beer consumed: IPA (sadly, half of one beer was lost to the combination of gravity and my clutziness, but like those seated around me at the game, I’ll just blame it on the Dodgers)
Temperature: 92 freakin’ degrees
Amusing Sights & Sounds: A plethora! Keep reading!

Starting pitchers were Matt Morris (knocked out early due to the Cubs’ 6-run 1st inning!) and Carlos Zambrano. Amusing sights #1 & 2: Multi-million dollar cheater/player Barry Bonds ducking and missing not one, but two pop flies in the first inning. TWO. One after the other. He may earn in a few hours what I earn all year, but I was smug as smug can be. Darn that sunshine – perhaps a side effect of “The Cream” is that it weakens the rods’n’cones functionality?

Amusing overheard quote #1 - Giants fan returning to his seat “Did Barry catch anything while I was gone?”

Alfonso Soriano looked svelte in his #12 jersey and hi-knee sox. Derrek Lee! Jacque Jones! Cliff Floyd! I got to see the entire batting order in the top of the first inning. Batting 9th: CZ, Carlos Zambrano. Which brings me to amusing sight #3: CZ got a nice hit to the outfield and tried to stretch it for a triple. I suspect it was his built-up enthusiasm, desire to win and joy of sticking it to the competition, but after rounding second his feet could not keep up with his will and he stumbled – all 250 lbs of him. It was one of those stumbles that seems to last 20 seconds..he’s up in the air…he’s still up in the air, legs kicking at nothing…wait, he’s eventually going to rain down, much like my beer did later….uh oh, here comes the big guy….the #1 pitcher cannot land on his arms/hands/wrists….now this isn’t so funny! [Crash!] {Thud} So he finally landed, the earth seemingly shook and I swear he crawled in the dirt to third base while the Cubs fans screamed, the Giants fans hesitantly guffawed (keep in mind their team was sucking righteously)…and he made it! Glorious Carlos! Glorious!

Amusing sight #4: Funky Bold Molina: Bengie variety

Amusing overheard quote #2 – from male voice in row behind me: “I am going to Hell. I know. It’s called Tucson.”

Amusing sight #5: Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers
Amusing sight #6: Felix Pie on the mini-jumbo-tron (view obstructed..stoopid Scottsdale Stadium)

The Scottsdale Stadium was by far my least favorite of this Spring Training trip. One cannot view the game once you depart your seat. It isn't conducive to walking around, getting snacks or using the facilities. Fancy-pants jerks and their $5 programs.

So the trip was great and I can't wait until next year! (And the 2007 regular season...)

Hooray for baseball!!!

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