Monday, March 12, 2007

3/11 Oakland Athletics v. Angels

Okay, so I left off the incredibly long geographically dilemma'd title for the Angels. I bought their program and I could not find "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" anywhere within its pages. Good idea. Those fans of teams with red attire sure like to wear it with pride.

Location: Angels Diablo Stadium - Tempe, Arizona
Temperature: 87 degrees (our seats were entirely in the shade - hallelujah!)
Food and beer consumed: Jumbo dog (true to title) and Fat Tire x 2
Amusing sight: This was actually what I did not see: fistfights, pipe-wielding thugs or arrests

The A's beat the Angels 7-6 with a late-game drive carried out by players with high double-digits on the backs of their uniforms. This was possibly due to the fact that the Angels pitcher also had a high number on his back. Either way, I do not care because I have my new favorite player name. His first name is J.J. and his 8th-inning double put the A's in the lead and saddened all the red-shirt-wearing Angels fans.

A's player to watch: #66 J.J. Furmaniak-" oughta know by now". Gutsy, scrappy, and with an excellent baseball name.

Angels player to watch: #35 Casey Kotchman - he provided a double and a homerun, but unfortunately wears the long pants so there is still some room for improvement. Hopefully Terry Evans will influence his knee soxability.

Other notable sights at the game: Mike Piazza!!! That's correct, he is in the American League now as a DH and still getting hits. It just takes him awhile to huff it to base. Vladimir Guerrero appears to be in very good form with an excellent hairstyle. I almost bought a "Vlad!" shirt, but ultimately opted not to do so. As a special note, I have encountered many groups of glorious female fans at the Spring Training games and the Angels get props for having a female VP of Finance - booyah!!

Later today...Cubs v. Giants!



Tod said...

Any "interesting" encounters with the Ticket Scalperati at Diablo Stadium?

Tracey said...

I love the inclusion of food and drink inventory,--makes me feel like I was there in the sun with the sweat dripping down my back, eagerly awaiting the first pitch. I hope Morrocan Night proved worthy of the trip! More, More!!