Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rustic Cottage

Today is my one year anniversary in my rustic cottage. This is the first time I have had my own four walls that I do not share with some other building dweller. My first year back in the land of renting has been a rather pleasant one: for example, I recently got my kitchen remodeled. New, spacious cabinets, a shiny, updated sink and even one of those vent/hood/light thingies over the stove. Storage galorage!

But blogging about the glorious space for my 3 skillets & 4 pots is not particularly riveting...not compared to tales of my new screen door - woo hoo! The glory of the screen door keeps revealing itself: fewer bugs in my home, less leaves blowing in and a rather cute impediment for my non-sighted doggie. Toby hears the outdoors and heads in that direction, yet butts his head against this metal device and is curious why he cannot proceed further. On second thought, not particularly riveting to anyone other than me.

One interesting factoid about my current domicile: Google has yet to map me. Take that Sergey and other-guy-who-isn't-Sergey!
"You can call me on my cell phone
You can page me all night long
But you won't catch this free bird
I'll already be long gone"
- Sheryl Crow "Steve McQueen"

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Melissa said...

I want to see it!