Thursday, May 15, 2008

I got my $600! I got my $600!

Yes, the day has finally arrived - and what a glorious day it is! Thank you United States Department of the Treasury!!

Here are some current possible ways to spend my "free money":

Write check to The Democratic Party
Place cash under my mattress
Gamble at local casino
Spend on lottery tickets
Wait for Escalades to pull into local gas station, offer to pay for premium fill-up
Tap dancing lessons
600 trips to Wendy's for $1 menu
Pay toward credit card debt
Purchase plane ticket to Iowa for 4th of July holiday
Professional bleaching of non-white teeth
8 Pedicures plus gratuity

Happy May 15th!!!


Pali said...

With the exception of the Escalade's gas tank, all are very good ideas. I got mine the other day and used it to finally pay off the remainder of one of my credit cards. It felt GOOD!

My mom is taking tap dancing lessons and having a blast.

Your mom would be so happy to see you on the 4th of July.

I'm tempted by teeth whitening on a daily basis.

So many choices.....but if you use it to "stimulate the economy" you are actually helping W and his Republican cronies.So I vote for hoarding or paying off debt. Or making your mom happy with a visit back to Iowa (although I wouldn't mind seeing Drunk Paula again this 4th of July!)

The Young Family said...

Hmmmm, you can send it to me to fill up my gas gusiling (is that a word?) huge non eco friendly expedition! That I don't really drive anymore, cuz it is so damn expensive #$%$#*!!

OOR you can do with the money as you wish, just a suggestion.