Friday, May 2, 2008

Um, Check Cleveland Off the List...?

I visited Cleveland last week, JEALOUS???

What originated as a training conference for work, morphed into an extended weekend including delicious pierogies, Yankees/Indians baseball, various pronounciations of "Carnegie" and viewing Mick Jagger's tiny pants at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. My pal Katy joined me and, to quote her, we "squeezed what fun we could" out of Cleveland.

Cleveland Rocks! Yes, for some. No Floydster sightings, though.


Mary said...

We visited Cleveland on our way home from my brother's wedding in Pennsylvania last summer. I took Ed to the zoo while John went to the Hall of Fame. There's something decidedly un-Rock 'n' Roll about being dropped off by your wife in the family station wagon. No baseball on our itinerary, but we stayed in an awesome Embassy Suites near the park. Total time in Cleveland, approximately 18 hours. Need to return? Not so much.

The Young Family said...

Cleveland, eh?

Sounds fun. (Do you hear the scarcasm?) Had to comment and tell you I love your shirt! It rocks!