Thursday, April 17, 2008

Check New Orleans Off the List!

I can finally check New Orleans off the list of cities I want to visit. I traveled there last weekend for the annual French Quarter Festival. I got the opportunity to join a large group heading to the Crescent City and hopped aboard the madness. I had a great time, ate a lot of delicious food, enjoyed some wonderful weather & the Southern hospitality and friendliness. Here is a sampling of things I did, ate, saw & of course DRANK:

enjoyed many local bands on multiple stages throughout the French Quarter
ate powdered sugar (with some beignets attached)
viewed a guy wearing leather/thonged/assless chaps
drank a 'Sex on the Levee' (okay, two)
took a ferry across the Mississippi river to Algiers
ate shrimp bisque & seafood gumbo
ate sweet potato mash and okra
ate an Arby's Beef & Cheddar (I couldn't help it!!)
drank the local Abita brew
drank several vodka gimlets
drank those vodka gimlets TO GO, on the streets of New Orleans (!!!)
loved the beautiful balconies & hanging plants in the fabulous neighborhoods
experienced "Louisiana Tummy" & "Louisiana Hair"
watched 'Dog Whisperer' marathon during above-referenced GI situation
learned some New Orleans history, before & after Hurricane Katrina
rode the streetcar while only moderately tipsy
grabbed beads hanging from the trees (left over from Mardi Gras)
rejoiced that I wasn't flying American Airlines
ate the best red beans & rice
ate andouille sausage
saw huge horses with police officers riding them
did not comsume one drop of alcohol on Bourbon Street
forgot which day it was - several times
and much, much more!

If you haven't been lucky enough to visit New Orleans already, add it to your list!!

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The Young Family said...

I think I was in New Orleans around 6 years ago - it is a fun city!

I would love to go back after Katrina to see what it is like anow to see how it has changed...

Do you remember being on a conference call with Warrantech and the guy (don't remember his name! that is horrible!) that had that territory was on the call in the hotel bar - the Frech Quarter was flooded! Why I remember that I will never know!