Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MLB Opening Day 2008!

I woke up Monday morning like I do every other MLB Opening Day. Except yesterday ended quite differently than usual - when my head touched my pillow it would be with a smile on my face, happy knowing I finally attended an Opening Day game! A non-seat ticket to the Houston Astros v. San Diego Padres game became mine during the day by luck/chance/happenstance and I was ecstatic. Petco Park has a grassy hillside with a huge screen to watch the game on beyond the outfield walls. I could walk around the park like everyone else - and spend money - I just didn't have a formal seat - but I did receive a free, stylish promotional baseball cap.

Jake Peavy was nearly a one-man Astros-defeating machine! He pitched seven fabulous, shut-out innings AND had two RBI thanks to TWO hits! He was pitching against his friend and "huntin'" buddy, Roy Oswalt who had never lost at Petco Park...until last night!

Food consumed: big pretzel with spicy nacho cheese
Beer consumed: None - don't be concerned, I was too chilly for beer. I'll make up for that in a few weeks when I scratch The Jake/Progressive Field off my list of MLB stadiums to visit!!

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Pali said...

How cool that you got to go!