Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Results Are In...

...yes, the DNA results for Toby's breed mix are back from the lab. And with a resounding THUD I inform you all that Toby is SIGNIFICANTLY POMERANIAN. And that's it. No trace amounts of Newfoundland, Keeshond or Poodle. Just Pomeranian, which I already knew. My vet said that whatever his ancestors were, his family's breeding included so many Pomeranians that no other breed's significance showed up in the results. No Chow Chow, no Schipperke, no Great Dane.

The "breed standard" for Poms is 3-7 pounds. Anyone who has seen (or held!) T-Bone knows he is, uh, larger than that. He's like a Pom on steroids. So, the build up led to a bit of a let down and the mystery will continue in which breeds many generations back made Toby what he is today. He's still my fun, goofy, smart, sometimes-stubborn sweet boy and that is what matters.

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Melissa said...

He's 100% sweetie-pie.