Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I finally returned to the land of my youth (& early 30s) and had a lovely visit. During my 6 full days in Iowa I was able to attain and surpass many of the goals I had set for the "vacation" in Iowa:

-Spend time with family & friends
-Enjoy state-mandated smoke-free restaurants and bars
-Enjoy illegal fireworks displays while drinking beer and holding infant...
-Meet & hog 3 month old Peyton (and view growth of them other two Kirby offspring)
-Meet & cuddle the adorable Persian Calico, Gertie
-Meet, smusch & hog 6 month old Daniel (and enjoy the magical effect of bubbles on toddlers)
-Eat: sweet potato fries, "Moroccan Eggs", delicious AE dips and multiple birthday cake slices
-Take my nieces out for breakfast (no car seats needed anymore, they grow so fast)
-Experience a torrential-to-the-quickly-reassimilated-San-Diegan-thunderstorm
-View some flood damage
-Shop til I did indeed drop at the Williamsburg outlets: The Gap, Calvin Klein and even The Dress Barn (damn you, Banana Republic! Oh wait...I LOVE YOU Banana Republic!!)
-Realize how different a perspective one can have from the childhood years to the adult years (e.g. my former bedroom, my former closet, my mom doing my laundry and making me a grilled cheese sandwich!)
-The fun of searching through my parents' basement for a few pieces of nostalgia, and finding a childhood favorite: CHUBBY CUB!!



Pali said...

I hope Chubby Cub is coming to San Diego?!

Melissa said...

Does Chubby Cub do anything? What's the string for?

Paula said...

For more information on my glorious Chubby Cub, check out the 'This Old Toy' web site via this link:

(Someday Chubby Cub and I will be reunited, cue the Peaches & Herb song...)

Anonymous said...

Man, I miss my Iowa days. I would love to go back to the Hamburg Inn and have one, just one, grilled cheese sandwich.


The Young Family said...

Sounds like a great trip!!