Friday, April 10, 2009

Stupid Facebook

I never post here anymore!

Let's see in the last few months I have:

Bought a new TV and upgraded to all things HD (thanks Katy!)
Completed introductory obedience classes with Briscoe
Visited Las Vegas
Visited Urgent Care in Las Vegas (not an alcohol-related injury!)
Visited Phoenix for Spring Training
Saw the Cubs beat the White Sox (yay!)
Saw the Rangers beat the Royals (non emotional, but the stadium had delicious beer)
Saw the Padres beat the Dodgers (super yay! Yes, I am still bitter about the Dodger game for NLDS 3)
Finally got my taxes done & anxiously await my refund
Make plans to get my Iowa City condo on the market
Reconnected with many people I haven't talked to/seen/thought of in nearly 20 years...via Facebook.

Facebook is online social networking, time-spending/wasting and very amusing. You can divulge as much or as little information as you like. I have not worn tired of it yet. I still love to find out that someone I know in another time zone just ate a burrito, which 5 albums a certain person cannot live without and see photos of friends' or friends' of friends' cute little babies...or their children graduating from high school. Crazy!

Damn you Facebook! I love you Facebook!

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