Thursday, September 20, 2007

Improving My Luminosity

I recently started a new job in a new department (same Universitarian Bureaucratic Conglomerate) and things are going well. Out with the hematology/oncology, in with the dermatology - so, some cancer is still on the radar. I don't blog much about work because; it's there, it pays the bills and I work-to-live, instead of live-to-work-and-blog-about-it.

There are some new fringe benefits to my current position: it is much closer to my home and allows me to walk a few blocks, catch a free bus up a massive hill, then walk several more blocks to-from work. No more $55/month parking fees. No more constantly filling up the gas tank. No more potentially dull times sitting in traffic. My commute wasn't too strenuous before, but my current arrangement is pretty sweet. Living in Southern California, the commute can be an issue. Ed Begley Jr., do I make you proud??

This location is very neighborhoody. Good neighborhoody. As in: restaurants, shops, places selling Aveda products and pet supplies. Walking to businesses easily is such a treat. Apparently this week 'treat' = chocolate shakes.

Another added bonus to the current gig is: product samples. Oh, glorious product samples! Hand lotion. SPF. Anti-wrinkle cream. Even the occasional hair product. {This girl dreams of the day lip balm tubes show up in a cardboard delivery box...} It sure is nice and it sure is plentiful. SPF is an important daily routine here in Sunny San Diego. It all makes sense now that I spend much more time facing the sun as I head home.

"Apply Truth liberally to the inflamed area. This is The Colbert Report!" - Stephen Tyrone Colbert

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