Friday, September 21, 2007

Portland, Oregon (no Shanghai Tunnels here, keep moving)

Last weekend I visited the lovely city of Portland, Oregon. My pal Heidi recently moved there and my friend Katy's brother was getting married in coastal Astoria. We all converged and had a great time. With the promise of resurrecting Iowa City's exclusive "the girl djs", I got an invitation and carried out the dancing/party-starting end of the girl djs work at the reception. (Actually playing music? P'shah, I didn't do that.)

This was my second visit to Portland (both have been in the Fall) and I had a great time: delicious microbrews to drink, interesting sights to see and this thing called...rain. I love photographing funny, interesting, odd signs; Oregon had an especially high number of signs I needed to photograph. I'll post two of them here:

Astoria is a small, sleepy coastal town which provided a great trip-within-a-trip. Our hotel was along a very wide section of the Columbia River. We drove over the mammoth Astoria Bridge to the state of Washington and back because, if you see a crazy bridge like this one, you have to go over it.

The wedding in Astoria was a lovely, stylish affair. The rooftop dance party was a fun, if chilly, good time. I suspect "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy rarely booms at full volume after midnight in Astoria. (fist in air).
"I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine." ~Caskie Stinnett


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