Friday, December 12, 2008

My Trip to Best Friends - Part One

I am already assuming my trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary will require multiple entries due to the amount of photos, the variety of things I did and my poor memory.

I first heard about Best Friends in the mid 1990's. I was living in San Diego and started sending donations. I loved the literature I received from BFAS in the mail. The letters weren't filled with photos of near-dead animals attempting to guilt you into sending money. The communications focused on the positive side of being kind to animals and what good can come from that. They do not ignore the sometimes horrible mistreatment, neglect and abuse of animals, it just isn't the main focus of their story. Hooray!

I visited Best Friends in 2003 with my Mom and Aunt. We had a great visit and I vowed to return. Return I did with my friend Bonnie (and as a birthday present to myself). Best Friends has become well known lately thanks in part to the National Geographic show 'Dogtown' I highly recommend checking out this show.

This post will focus on Day 1. I flew into Las Vegas, met up with Bonnie at the airport, got our rental car and drove to Kanab, Utah, about 4 hours away. It is quite the contrast leaving bright, loud, brash Las Vegas and arriving in serene, beautiful, slow-moving Kanab. We checked into our cottage on the property and signed up for our sleepover dog. The sleepover dog program is a win-win situation: visitors get to keep a furry friend overnight and the dogs get to remember or learn what it is like to live in a home environment.

Since we got there late in the afternoon there wasn't time for volunteering, so we were assigned Karina and took her back home. She walked right into the cottage, jumped up on the bed closest to the door and made herself comfortable. We instantly sensed she had done this before! Karina is a very sweet girl (even if a bit gassy at times...lordy!!) She was actually featured on one of the Dogtown episodes, linked here. When we returned her to her run the next morning she turned into a bit of a spaz and acted like a crazy girl when returned to her 'pack'.

Karina, sleepover dog #1

Here are some scenic photos and few of the wonderful dogs I met.

shy Fallon

Rottie in his awesome coat



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