Monday, December 22, 2008

My Trip to Best Friends - Part Three

The second full day of volunteering started with a Puppy Socialization class (!!) Best Friends was having problems with many new puppy adopters returning the dogs due to behavioral issues. They have implemented puppy socialization for 30 minutes each day. We were lucky enough to be in on the first day for this group of littermates found dumped in the desert. (To contrast that unhappy start, they were all given Beach names - mine was Virginia and Bonnie's was Vero). We spent our time in a bleached outdoor pen holding the puppies on their backs, teaching them to sit (simple to do when their nose follows the treat and their tushies end up on the ground) and even walking with them on a leash. It was amazing what quick learners we all were. The trainer told us that since they have added this program that zero puppies have been returned!

We then headed to Old Friends, my favorite spot. Things run a bit mellower at Old Friends where some dogs aren't necessarily advanced in age, but they need a slower pace and calmer roommates. I spent some time with Lake, a dog who had recently lost her vision. Of course, a special place in my heart is reserved for the blind (& fabulous!) dogs. Another fun girl was Stella. Or as I like to call her name "Stellllluhhhhh!!" She was a big pile of sweetness and fur.
I spent the afternoon volunteering with the kitties and realized once I was inside that I had left my camera in the car. I instantly had 3-5 cats sitting in my lap, rubbing up against me and meowing for attention. The cats are hooked up here: they have indoor-outdoor housing, zero cages, very clean litter boxes, many toys and cubbies and chairs with cushions to sleep on. It was so warm and toasty inside I almost took a nap.

I shall add some photos of other sweet dogs I met:

Me chatting with Tiki on the trail


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